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All mornings are not created equal! HappyWakeUp is a smart alarm clock for your mobile phone.
HappyWakeUp wakes you up feeling refreshed every morning at ideal time!

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HappyWakeUp works as a smart alarm clock. HappyWakeUp is based on medical research of the human sleep and its structure. It smartly monitors your sleep using the microphone of the mobile phone.

With HappyWakeUp smart alarm clock you get:

  • an easy and refreshed wake up
  • no groggy feeling
  • a possibility to achieve more active minutes in the morning
  • decreased stress factors by a pleasant wake up

User review:
"I use HappyWakeUp when I need to catch a morning flight from a hotel. I set the regular alarm to wake me up at the last possible moment. In the morning I take a rushed cup of coffee before hurrying to the airport. But with HappyWakeUp things are often better: when it wakes me up refreshed ~20 minutes before the final alarm I have time to enjoy a great breakfast in the hotel restaurant." -H.S.

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  • 09.03.2010

    • HappyNap for Nokia S60 is now available for free! See how to learn to Power Nap and download HappyNap from OviStore.

  • 17.12.2009

    • HappyWakeUp is now available with reduced prices! 7 days: 1,99€ - 60 days: 4,99€ - full license: 8,99€

  • 26.11.2009

    • HappyWakeUp 1.25 is now available! It includes a free 30 minute trial for an optimal nap. Updating to version 1.25 is free. More details can be found in the Download -section.

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